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Welcome to DivineTruths33Tarot

Reveal the Divine Purpose of Your Life

Many times, you want to evaluate your options, or you are in need of direction for the future. Whether you’re reconsidering your career choices, your love life, or your holiday destinations, I can help you choose the best route. Welcome to DivineTruths33Tarot. My name is High Priestess Divine and I am a unique Tarot Card Reader from Chicago Illinois. Take a look around, explore my site, and see what I can do for you.

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About Me

A Unique Tarot Card Reader

In my eyes, all people have the power to improve their lives, all they need to do is harness the proper energy and listen to that still small voice. For years I have been harnessing divine energy and have helped many by providing them with raw uncut truth, divine guidance & unparalleled psychic services; I am pleased to do the same for you. Get in contact with me today to see how we can begin working together.

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Services I Offer

Experience You Can Trust


General Readings


These sessions delve into your innermost feelings, helping you sort out current issues in your life. Changing your life’s path for the better is now possible. Don’t leave it to chance, and get the information you’ve been seeking. Get in touch with me to schedule your general reading today.

Love Reading


If you’re looking for guidance and insight into your love life and relationships, this service may be what you need. Let’s see what your person of interest thinks about you or if there is new love coming in for you! Contact me for your love reading today.


Ancestor Reading


During this special service, clients will be able to connect with their own spiritual guides and deceased loved ones. Spark a connection and get advice from your very own spiritual team who knows you best because they walk with you everyday even if your unaware. Curious to learn more? Get in touch with me today.

One card reading


This single card draw approach could be the ideal solution for you, providing a straightforward and direct message regarding your situation.


Dream Interpretation


Did you have a dream and you feel that it holds some type of meaning? Most likely it does especially if you can remember it. Dreams are a gift from the divine that He uses to gives us messages or warnings that can sometimes save or alter our lives. Get in touch with me today so I can decode the meaning of your dream and let you know what to make of it.

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"We know what we are, but know not what we may be"

William Shakespeare

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Contact Me

Are you looking for answers, or perhaps would like to receive a confirmation your life is on the right track? Whatever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place. I love helping people develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges, and I get great satisfaction from seeing them heal and thrive. Contact me today and let the healing process begin.

P.O. Box 345 Kokomo IN 46903


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